Corporate Governance

We are committed to practicing good corporate governance in accordance with the corporate governance guidelines issued by the Financial Services Authority in every line of our Company's operations. This commitment will be implemented consistently in order to achieve sustainable long-term performance for all our stakeholders.


Risk Management

Company realizes that risk has become an integral part of every business process. These risks are inherent in all activities and decision making and the impact of these risks can significantly affect the company’s operations. To manage and minimize risks, the Company conducts its operational activities based on Good Corporate Governance. For this purpose, the Company referred to the Corporate Secretary and Independent Commissioner, Independent Director and formed the Internal Audit Unit. The implementation of Good Corporate Governance is also intended to support the implementation of the Company’s vision and mission, behavioral guidelines, business plans, financial planning (budgeting), oversight of the work of the Board of Commissioners and Directors, risk management systems, disclosure and conflict of interest.